Total Log Book Hours Solution


The Total Log Book Hours Solution is for both new and existing customers who need assistance to get their licence.

Our customers who choose this package include:

  • Self-employed and professional people who would prefer to be supervising their learner but just can't get the time in their hectic schedule

  • Living away from home learners (boarding school, university, work etc) without access to a car or a supervising driver

  • International students wanting to obtain their Australian Licence to ensure mobility within Australia during their stay and to ensure that they return to their homeland with arguably the best driver training


Saving over $760 from normal pricing this package represents our absolute best value package. This is the path to your driving licence fully entrusted into our hands... designed to make the process fun, safe and easy (as it should be!), get 100% of log book hours and completion of the driving test! Build rapport with your instructor and become familiar with the vehicle so that at the driving test you are ready to succeed. 


The package includes:

  • 80 hours of jam packed driving lessons with a friendly instructor in your area. (RRP $6,000)

  • Entry into the Safer Drivers Course for Learner Drivers (Total of 5 hours but counting as 20 hours in your logbook!) + to round off your experience and ensure you’re both a safe and confident driver. (RRP $140)

  • Hazard Perception Test.

  • 2-hour Lesson and Test*. Includes the use of the instructor’s car for your test and a ride home.

Get log book hours quickly with 3 hours for each 1-hour lesson for the first 10 hours, then 1 hour thereafter for each lesson. Include the Safer Drivers Course and your there, 120hrs done!

Here’s how it will look:

  • 10 x 3 for 1hr structured lessons = 30 hours in your logbook

  • 5 hours for the Safer Drivers Course = 20 hours in your logbook

  • 70 hours of jam packed personalised driving lessons = 70 hours in your logbook

  • After only 85 hours of your time you have reached your required total of 120 logbook hours!


Total value of $6,410.00 for only $5,650. Our best value offer, save a whopping $760.00!

 *Includes a one off On Road Driving Test booking fee.

 *Includes a preparation lesson directly before your on-road test, the Instructor’s assistance to prepare you and settle your nerves, the use of the Instructor's car for your test and of course a lift home



Terms and Conditions:

  • The package is non-refundable

  • The package is non-transferable other than to immediate family members

  • The driving lessons and test booking and the Safer Driver Course booking are valid for  12 months

Normal terms and conditions apply to any bookings made.

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