40 Years Of Experience Behind The Wheel 

At Get Licenced, we realise that learning to drive can be a daunting experience for most new drivers. Our lessons are personalised to meet individual needs, whether you are just starting out, have some experience or just about to take your driving test. Unlike regular learn-to-drive organisations the skills we teach go well beyond the minimum standard in terms of Low Risk driving practices. So what you learn with us will be for life, rather than just simply passing the driving test. Whether you have been driving for 5 days or for 50 years, you'll improve your ability to anticipate hazards and learn the best course of action for any driving situation. We offer the personal attention you deserve to ensure you learn what is essentially a life skill in a safe, clean and educational environment.


3 Hours for Every 1 Hour Lesson

  • Under the 3 for 1 scheme for those under 25 years old, every 1 hour lesson equates to 3 hours in your log book. (capped at ten lessons)

Lessons 7 days a week -

  •  We cater to a wide variety of students learning to drive. Whilst most are school students, we also offer lessons to holders of international driver licences, the elderly who are required to resit their driving test, the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and CALD communities as well as those who have simply left getting a licence to later in life. We are happy to work around school and work schedules.

Night Lessons

  • Lessons are available up until 8pm during April, May, June, July and August and 9pm September, October, November, December, January, February and March.  It is recommended to have a night lesson even if your night hours (minimum 20 hours) are completed.

  • Our vehicles - Our vehicles are 5 star ANCAP Safety rated. They are modern and comfortable with all the creature comforts. Most importantly they are fitted with dual controls, meaning you are able to drive more confidently, knowing that we are able to take over the controls, if need be.

  • Please note: Whilst we are qualified to teach and do teach how to drive a manual vehicle, we currently only have automatic. However if you have access to a manual vehicle we can teach you in that at a slightly reduced rate.